For SALE Homes@320 295 9588

FOR SALE @ prices are listed on the individual property address pages.
Properties NOT under lease are available for sale.  Prices subject to change pending completed work and market conditions.  Prices could go UP or DOWN.


About 12 homes could be for sale as a package. 10 in Meeker county and two in Wright.  Contact John for details.  Financing possible. 

As of 2/19/2011 the following properties are available:

 Most homes for sale for taxable market value pending vacancy.




210 6th St South
Dassel, MN
          520 Willis Dassel                              $29,150

Will consider all reasonable offers, possibly even unreasonable ones on homes that need work.

Contract for Deeds

Working on fixing your credit? 
Contract for Deed
offers will be considered for all buyers with 25% Down.  Less on homes that need work.