Rental Terms

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a showing please call John @ 320.295.9588

Rent Payments/
Paying your rent

  1. Payments by money order or cashiers check can be mailed to   John Isch Construction PO Box 646,  Dassel, MN 55325
  2. Cash payments are accepted. Please call John to make arrangements.  A receipt will be given.
  3. Section 8 and/or Third Party payments are NOT accepted.
  4. Payments are expected to arrive on or before the due date. 
  5. Lease terms are month to month unless otherwise agreed upon. As long as payment continues to be made; lease continues and most likely rent will stay the same pending property tax increases and inflation. 2/24/2011
  6. If unable to pay rent it is understood you will:
  • Send a written notice to John Isch Construction PO Box 646,  Dassel, MN  55325
  • Move out promptly.
  • Leave the property in the same condition as at time of move in.

Renter responsibilities
  1. Pay utilities on time.  Utilities are not included in the rent.
  2. Mow the grass as needed.
  3. Remove Snow as needed.
  4. Keep yard free of cigarette filters, debris, junk.
  5. Keep yard free of excess vehicles/trailers (absolutely no motor homes or trailers over 3500# without prior consent).
  6. Keep yard free of pet waste.Remove snow from the sidewalks and driveway.
  7. Maintain neat appearance of exterior of home.
  8. Front porches must look neat.
  9. Screen doors must not "blow in the wind."

John's Landlord responsibilities
  1. To keep homes in general good repair.
I do my best to keep homes in general good repair but most are older and no situation is perfect. - John
Rental Applicants
  1. Homes are rented in "AS IS" condition.
  2. Applications are available at the showing. Each adult will need to submit a rental application along with the $30 fee.
  3. Your income must be verifiable. A paying job will be helpful.
  4. NO Utilities are included in monthly rental rates.
  5. If the rent amount is not acceptable and you are a qualified applicant feel free to negotiate. This is America!
  6. If unable to accept above rental terms please look for shelter elsewhere or purchase your own home.